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Experience the thrill of taking the controls of an Airbus A320!

The worlds most popular airliner

Become The Captain...

Take command of one of the world’s most popular jet airliners - the Airbus A320!

With all the excitement of flying a plane and none of the hassle, you can rest assured you’ll feel every bit immersed in all the action.


Your cockpit comes equipped with a full 6 axis motion system, HD 220-degree, wrap-around visual system, and throughout your flight you’ll receive expert advice from one of our instructors.

Prepare to channel your inner aviator in style! With space for two passengers to join you on board, it’s as close to commercial flying as you can get! 


The A320 Simulator

The simulator is an exact replica of a real Airbus A320 cockpit.

Genuine Airbus sidesticks are fitted. This is an essential part of replicating the "feel" of the real aircraft.


Systems operation and flight dynamics are faithfully reproduced using original Airbus system architecture. This together with a 220 degree wrap around HD visual system provide for an unrivalled and truly unique experience.

From departing your local airport to flying challenging arrivals into some of the most scenic airfields in the world, we have it covered. 

Our simulator experiences start at only £99, so click below to get flying now!

For Pilots


Our simulator uses software from Prosim, an industry leader in software solutions for flight simulation. With robust systems accuracy, exact modelling of ECAM computers and exceptional flight dynamics you can prepare for your LPC/OPC at an unrivalled cost. 



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