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Simulator Adventures


It's an out-of-reach fantasy for most people, but a new facility in Salford means members of the public can get behind the controls of a passenger plane.

Simulator Adventures, founded by identical twin brothers Alan and Stewart Russell utilises a replica of an Airbus A320 cockpit.

The flight simulator has even been built onto a moving platform, so the cockpit will tilt and turn as you bank your flight left and right.

Available for groups of up to three people - with a qualified pilot at your side for those with no aviation experience - visitors will be able to tailor their flight down to weather, time of day and destination.

You can practice taxiing, taking off and landing at almost any airport in the world, and even learn what would happen in a disaster situation.

About Us...

The Russell brothers both have long careers in aviation, having joined the RAF together at the age of 17.

Since then, their job roles have included off-shore engineering, piloting helicopters, and navigating search-and-rescue aircraft.

Most recently, Alan has flown commercial passenger planes for Airtours - now Thomas Cook - from Manchester Airport.


"We've both always loved planes and flying," Alan said. "We grew up in a council house in Glasgow, which was under the flight path to Glasgow airport. Although we really didn't have much money, joining the RAF provided us with a route into flying.

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